Portuguese CoLABs

CMEMS is involved for the next five years in the CoLAB DTx- experiencing the future, coordinated by Prof. A. M. Cunha

ERC Awarded Distinguished Collaborators

ERC Consolidator Grant winner in 2013

Rui Costa, an ERC Consolidator Grant recipient with NEURALCHUNK project related with neural bases of action chunking in basal ganglia subcircuits.

ERC Advanced Grant winner in 2013

Robert Puers, an ERC Advanced Grant recipient with µTHALYS project for creating a micro-fabrication technology platform that enables a next generation in miniature active medical implants by bringing microsystem technology.

ERC Starting Grant winner in 2012

Goreti Sales, an ERC Starting Grant recipient with BIOMARK project on a portable biosensor able to detect certain types of cancers in a cheap, painless and quick way.

CMEMS 10 Key Publications

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