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· Human-Robot Joint Action:








Non-verbal interaction:

 i) Anticipatory Action Selection


 ii) The same observed action may have different means: 1_4_April09.mpg


 iii) Error/conflict monitoring:


With verbal interaction:


Videos of the paper “Integrating verbal and nonverbal communication in a dynamic neural field architecture for human-robot interaction”, Bicho, Louro, Erlhagen, Frontiers in Neurobotics, can be found at:



Joint construction of a Toy:



Construction of Baufix objects:



·    Joint Search Task by teams of autonomous agents (robot-robot(s), robot(s)-human):



Videos on:

·   human-robot colaboration

·   Joint search tasks

·   Formation control

·   Object transportation by teams of autonomous robots

·   Floating robots


·    Using attractor dynamics to control motion based on low level distance sensors:


- Motion in an office environment: Video1, (.mov )

- Smooth tuning of behavior versus categorical change:  Video2,(.mov )

- Flexibility: Video3,Video4 (.mov )

·    Dynamic neural field model for target representation:


Cognitive properties of the dynamic field representing targets:


    - Target detection and tracking:Video1 (.mov )

    - Target selection / decision making:Video2 (.mov )

    - Memory and forgetting: Video3   (.mov )

    - Searching for sound sources in office environments:Video4 (.mov )

    - Moving toward a selected target: Video5, Video6 (.mov )

·    Object transportation by teams of autonomous agents:




·    Flexible Formation control for multiple mobile robots: a non-linear attractor dynamics approach

       Video 0,

       Video1, Video2, Video3 (implementation on Khepera Robots) (.mpg)



·      Control of floating robots using attractor dynamics:

- Moving through a ‘narrow’ passage: video1 (.mpg)

- Moving upwards toward the target while avoiding obstacles: video2 (.mpg)

- Moving through a narrow passage under the effect of strong perturbations: video3(.mpg)

Simulated behavior of the robots in a situation which is completely symmetric for both robots, R1 and R2: Video 1 (.avi)


The importance of working memory in joint search tasks: Video 2 (avi), and video with real robots (mpeg)


Prediction and anticipation of ongoing behavior of the partner robot even when most of the motion trajectory

  is hidden from view (fig10): Video 3 (avi) and video with real robots (mpeg)

 - Object transportation & obstacle avoidance/ Cooperative transport:

      "Motion control of a mobile robot transporting a large size object in cooperation with a human:

        a nonlinear dynamical systems approach":

        (To see videos click: Video1, Video2)  (.mpg)


-      “Coordinated transportation with minimal explicit communication between robots: a non-linear attractor dynamics approach”:

      - Carrying a large size object in a cluttered environment: Video1 (.mpg)

      - Robots circumnavigating around on obstacle Video2 (.mpg)

      - Robots moving an 180º turn due to a dead-end Video3  (.mpg)

ThisPictureIllustratesTheUltimateGoalForThisPhDWork - [Original]

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· The Powers of Prediction: Robots that Can read Intentions: Nominated for the IROS 2012 Jubilee video awards, i.e. "videos illustrating the history and/or milestones in intelligent robotics and/or intelligent systems in the last 25 years."