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Dept. Industrial Electronics

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Dept. Electrónica Industrial

Awards & honors

· Honor Price from Portuguese IBM Scientific  Price 1999

· Winners of the “Prémio Inovação Jovem Engenheiro 2003” - Ordem dos Engenheiros da Região Sul, Rui Soareas and Luís Louro my Phd and Msc students respectively.

· Comendador da Ordem da Instrução Pública

(from robots to ships .... The secret is inovation)

· Nominated for the IROS 2012 Jubilee video awards, i.e.

"videos illustrating the history and/or milestones in intelligent robotics and/or intelligent systems in the last 25 years."

With the work

“The Powers of Prediction: Robots that Can read Intentions”