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Estela Bicho is associate professor at the Department of Industrial Electronics at University of Minho, Portugal, where she is responsible for courses in Non-linear Dynamical Systems, Control and Robotics and heads the research lab on Autonomous (mobile and anthropomorphic) Robotics & Dynamical systems. She is also a staff member of the MIT|Portugal Joint Program on Advanced Studies in Bioengineering. She obtained the PhD degree in Robotics, Automation and Control, in 1999, from the University of Minho. Her PhD work received the honour price from Portuguese-IBM (1999). Between 1995-99 she was a member of the ‘Equipe de Dynamique’, lead by Prof. Gregor Schöner, at the Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences Cognitives at CNRS in Marseille, France. Her research concentrates on the use of dynamical systems for the design and implementation of neuro-cognitive control architectures for single and multi-robot systems, including Human-robot interaction & collaboration, Learning by demonstration, Medical Robotics and Medical devices for automatic diagnostic of Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases. She has been PI in several national and EU funded research projects in ICT/Robotics.  

Name: Estela Guerreiro da Silva Bicho Erlhagen

Position: Associate Professor

Department: Industrial Electronics

Research Centre: Algoritmi

Organization: University of Minho

E-mail: estela.bicho at

Telephone: +351 253 510181 (office)

                   +351 253 510190 (secretary D.Beatriz)

Fax: +351 253 510 189